Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FSA gains collective redress powers - Citywire

FSA gains collective redress powers - Citywire

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has been granted the power to force businesses to establish collective redress schemes to compensate consumers and publicise enforcement actions earlier.

The power was created by the Financial Services Act 2010 and activated today along with others changes to the regulator. The FSA will use collective redress schemes where there is evidence of widespread failings following large numbers of claims made to the Financial Ombudsman Service over issues like Payment Protection Insurance.

‘This is an important new tool for the FSA, which increases our ability to get redress for consumers when firms have not followed our rules,’ said Sally Dewar (pictured), managing director of risk at the FSA. ‘The power would obviously be used proportionately. It is not a substitute for working with industry where there is the potential to bring an issue to a fair and speedy conclusion.’

The FSA has also acquired the power to publish decision notices ahead of final notices, which means that it can publicise enforcement actions rather than waiting for the Financial Services and Markets Tribunal to process appeals.

The Financial Services Act 2010 also removes the FSA’s statutory objective to promote public understanding of the financial system following the establishment of the Consumer Financial and Education Body.

Should be fun!!

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